What is Customer Happiness?

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Thinking about how to create Customer Happiness in your business is the lifeblood of your business. It is good you are reading this post. Going to give a short answer to a very intense question. We will have more conversations about this in the future.

Ask 10 people what happiness is and you will get 11 different definitions.

Happiness is the most concrete and abstract word that lives on this earth. It is the human dream. Creating happiness in any relationship is about care, attention, intention and most of all — execution. It is great to talk about these things, but only taking action counts.

Our customers question their happiness with our company, product or service when there is a challenge to their idea of how things should be. Customer Happiness is then gauged by how well we are able to approach these challenges and bring about a resolution.

Customer Happiness is about the journey to the resolution and not only the resolution. We go beyond the superficial desires and discover the root cause of the discontent and solve the challenge.  We have to align customer desire with what we are able to accomplish.

We must have a conversation with our customers and take interest in their voice and their ideas. In exchange for our conversations and attention to the challenges that are presented, we create a relationship that is based on loyalty.

Loyal customers know that their voice is being heard. When we discover the root cause, resolve the challenges, and align with our customers through open conversations, we can create an environment where our customers can be happy.

This is my rendition of what Customer Happiness is.

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